October 6, 2019

Katherine & Tyler's Proposal

Surprise Proposal at the Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, SC.

This weekend I had the honor of photographing this talented Georgia couple. Not too long ago, I was contacted by Tyler inquiring about his vision for the proposal to his girlfriend, Katherine. Tyler expressed how special he wanted the day to be and put so much thought and planning into it all.

Tyler arranged for Katherine to be getting head shots done in Charleston while Katherine believed that Tyler back home in Georgia at work. Tyler and I arrived at Magnolia Gardens and mastered hiding in the bushes while waiting for Katherine's arrival on the infamous white bridge.

The "signal" was once Katherine's friend, Alexis, took the camera from Katherine to take Katherine's photo, Tyler would then walk up the bridge and greet her from behind! Katherine was definitely shocked and I am so ecstatic to have been able to document this special moment for them.

We finished the night with some quick portraits to celebrate their special night.